Traditional therapy & life coaching
provide surface level change, but…
You want more than a surface-level life

I’ve helped hundreds of purpose-seekers just like you achieve deep, sustainable change &  find more fulfillment and balance in every day

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Carrie Bowman Professional Certified Life Coach laughing happily as she helps her clients achieve profound results.

You don’t want to settle for life on the
hamster wheel…

You want to feel alive!

If you’re unsatisfied with your career, your relationships or your lack of direction in life—and you’re sick of just talking about it or waiting for things to get better on their own…

I can help you finally achieve the sustainable change you’ve been looking for.

Whether you want to:


Get unstuck, pursue a career you love, and build a life around your purpose


Feel happier and find more direction and meaning in each day, or


Overcome your self-doubt, insecurities, and the lack of self-belief that keeps you from experiencing your happiest, highest self…

My holistic approach to change combines the evidence-based insights of clinical psychology with the action-based paradigm of Master Coaching. 

Carrie Bowman, MA, PCC, CLC

Professional Certified Life Coach & Trained Therapist

Let’s Connect

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If you’re ready to transform your life from the inside out…

You’re in the right place.

Why life coaching?

When you’re tired of talking about past problems, and you know you need concrete tools & practical skills to help you move forward…

Life coaching – with the right guide – is one of the most powerful forms of support you can seek to create revolutionary change in your life. 

What makes my approach unique?

As a Professional Certified Life Coach with a background in Clinical Psychology – and personal experience going through deep change…

I use my unique experience, expertise and action-focused strategies to guide my clients through an immersive 12-week experience that brings about rapid, lasting results.

Is life coaching right for you?

I specialize in helping my clients get unstuck so they can start living as their highest selves. 

That means:

  • Connecting with your fullest potential
  • Finding & utilizing your unique gifts, and
  • Overcoming the obstacles that keep you thinking, “I can’t” so that you can live the joyful life you deserve.

My clients experience dramatic results, fast,
thanks to my intensive, immersive approach to change:

“Carrie guided me to a life beyond my wildest dreams”

“Within the first week of working with Carrie I began to see change”

If you are looking for true, lasting change in your life, whether professional or personal, you have found your guide!

Carrie has an innate talent in knowing what exactly it is you need from each encounter. 

She provides life-altering advice and perspectives that allow you to see beyond the limitations of your mind, and become the true co-creator of your life that you have always been.


My experience with Carrie was profound!

My first session left me with a feeling of clarity, excitement for what could be possible, and inspiration to  finally take action. 

Carrie is an exceptional listener and has an incredible ability to help her clients process their experience without being afraid or cautious. 

I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to cast light on their core being and to connect with their true self for life-long fulfillment.


Wondering what makes me so confident I can help you *really* change?

Let’s get introduced…

Carrie sitting at desk smiling with legs crossed

Carrie Bowman, MA, PCC, CLC
Professional Certified Life Coach & Trained Therapist

Hi, I’m Carrie Bowman,

and I’m going to change the way your mind thinks.

When it comes to dramatic life transformations, I’ve studied the principles, got the degrees, completed the certification programs—and experienced what it feels like myself. 

After the endless search for external validation led me to lose everything to untreated alcoholism, I turned inward to find a quiet space within myself where it was possible to reconnect with my purpose. 

Through both my education and personal experience, I’ve learned that it’s that deep listening to your own truth that allows sustainable change to take place. 

As a Master Coach & Trained Therapist, I’m passionate about helping my clients experience both inward and outward growth.

My Background

I’ve helped hundreds of people navigate the journey from stuck, blocked, confused and disconnected to fulfilled, energized, joyful and alive.

Though life coaching and therapy are distinctly different fields, my background in clinical psychology, counseling and therapy gives me an evidence-based edge over self-proclaimed “gurus” who make big promises based on fluff.

My Philosophy

If your previous attempts to change have failed, it’s likely because you’ve tried to tackle your issues one at a time—thing is, that’s just not how change works.

I guide my clients through a holistic, whole-person approach to change that makes it almost impossible to backtrack or revert to your old ways. 

If you show up & engage with this work, you WILL transform your life—I guarantee it. 

My Coaching Style

My coaching style is conversational, collaborative, and solution-oriented. 

Together, we’ll come up with a clear, intuitive and easy-to-implement action plan that will make your next steps clear.

My role as a coach is to  help you bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you’d love to be!

The deep change you’re looking for is possible — and it can happen faster than you think.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, I have a proven track record of guiding my clients towards their own definition of success.

In traditional therapy, which can sometimes feel slow, Carrie’s immersive program dives deep and fast from the very start”

“Carrie meets you exactly where you’re at and helps you get unstuck and break out of your patterns”

Besides getting clear on who you are and what you truly want out of life…

I’ll give you concrete tools & strategies to:


Identify both your true purpose & your dream career. Plus, move through your fear & anxiety so that you actually take the aligned action that will bring your dreams to life.


Stop people-pleasing and start connecting to what YOU really want.


Eliminate indecision and clear any roadblocks that are standing in your way. So that you can finally quit procrastinating and enjoy life on the other side.

This work goes far beyond external success (though you can count on that, too).

It’s about connecting deeply to the highest version of yourself and living in alignment with a vision of your best life.

Ready to start now?

Your time & attention are valuable.
Upon clicking the button above, you’ll be invited to complete a short application form. 
I’ll only invite you for a call if I feel confident I can genuinely help. 

Here’s the game-changing methodology that will bring your dreams to life:



Fast-track your way to connecting deeper, living bigger, and creating the life you want.


Self-Mastery™ is my signature 12-week coaching experience for purpose-seekers who are ready to step off the hamster wheel and into a life that feels like their own. 

With a clear and strategic path to follow, you’ll experience tangible results from Weeks 1 through 12. 

Whether you’re looking for a total life transformation or laser-focused on specific results, Self-Mastery will give you the concrete tools & strategies you need to bring about your desired transformation. So that you can rapidly begin to lead a more purpose-driven, abundant life. 

The Self-Mastery work was far deeper and more effective than I had ever imagined, and changes came very quickly. 

Carrie’s holistic approach within Self-Mastery, along with the core modules that I have access to forever, powerful master coaching calls, and frequent contact and coaching with her brought me to a level in my life I have never experienced. 

Carrie is a very calming and loving influence, while providing an invigorating stream of motivation. She has been beyond instrumental in helping me pave a path to success in all areas of my life.


Inside this unique 12-week deep-dive, we’ll cover:

Neuro-physiological activation & regulation: Finally, you’ll understand why your repetitive negative behaviors are so hard to break AND learn how to shift your nervous system from intensifying adverse experiences to powerfully working for you. So that you can remain calm under pressure and stay focused on your goals.

Emotional Processing & Integration: Struggle to stay present in the moment? We’ll examine why you distract yourself & avoid certain tasks. You’ll learn how to be in the “here and now” – with your kids, on your own and at work – so you can begin truly living.

Training the overactive negative mind: Discover how to work with anxiety, stress, and self-sabotage—instead of letting them derail all your plans. 

Journey from an externalized to internalized sense of self: And experience what it’s like to feel happy, calm, and free no matter what is going on around you.

Self-Mastery™  includes:

The exclusive Self-Mastery digital modules created to help you achieve transformative change on an accelerated timeline  (Your quick guide to the techniques that took me over 21 years to perfect)

Weekly Live Master Coaching Calls where you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions and listen in on the “A-ha” moments of other individuals on the same journey as you are

4 Hours Available Each Week of Real-time Personalized Coaching. This is not a cookie-cutter coaching approach. Every week you will have access to private, customized support to ask questions and seek guidance to advance your goals.

Access to Carrie’s Vault of Transformation Resources, including call recordings, bonus trainings, and supportive workbooks & resources (These assets alone will shave years off your learning curve)

Lifetime access to the Self-Mastery™  content so you can go through the program at your own pace whenever you want to reach a new level


Optional: 1:1 coaching with Carrie, resulting in a highly personalized coaching experience. Adding private coaching to your experience of Self-Mastery™ means you can get in-the-moment coaching and achieve even more progress between the weekly Master Coaching Calls

What makes Self-Mastery unlike any other therapy or life-coaching
experience you’ve ever tried (or are likely to find)?

There’s no “homework” for you to complete

You want to get results without sacrificing your scarce free time. 

When you engage with the material in Self-Mastery™…

You’ll practice what you learn each & every day. 

Instead of adding more work to your plate, the strategies & skills you’ll learn are designed to be implemented in your life as is. 

Still worried about the workload? 

Remember—when you commit to this work, you’ll experience more ease, flow and focus in your day to day, with much less stress and overwhelm.

We take an intensive, immersive approach


You’ll get deeper results in much less time. 

And as you go through the modules, this work becomes a part of you instead of something you try out for an hour a week (requiring you to get on and off the phone or Zoom, or in and out of your car before you eventually ask yourself “Why is this not working?”).

Self-Mastery™ invites you to participate in change-making every single day because LIVING less than every single day is a waste of your life.

If you’re looking for the real deal – the whole thing – for all of you to change – THIS  is the method that will get the results you desire

Your internal shifts manifest in real, external change

In combination with deep internal work, you’ll create a tangible, strategic action plan to bring about radical change where you feel it is most needed: In your work, your relationships, your finances, your health, or your relationship with yourself.

Once you have these concrete skills and tools, the action piece is very different than before. 

You’ll find you’re no longer struggling, procrastinating or unable to move forward—Action is now more fluid, exciting and successful.

The result?  Now that it finally feels easy, you do what it takes to bring your dreams to life.

Wondering if this will work for you?

(Because you’ve tried to change before—and failed)

Imagine how good it will feel to stop feeling frustrated, lost and unfulfilled…

And experience results like these:

“If you’ve gotten this far, trust yourself: You’re worth the gamble”

“Self-Mastery™ is the best investment I’ve ever made”

Ready to start your transformation today?

On this call, I’ll help you identify the true source of your stuckness & give you a roadmap for how to move forward. Whether we end up working together or not, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the real reasons you’re not where you want to be and how to get there, fast.

For those seeking more intimate support as they create radical change, there’s also…

Limitless Mastery:

Infinite possibilities. Unparalleled support.

Carrie standing in black suit putting her hair behind one ear

Limitless Mastery

Looking for highly private, highly personalized, hands-on support? 

Limitless Mastery is 100% tailored to your unique needs, personality, temperament & learning style. 

Each year, I work 1:1 with an extremely limited number of individuals who are fully invested in achieving radical change.

This completely personalized coaching experience will give you customized support and guidance as you take concrete steps towards your vision. We’ll go deep, fast, to dissolve the blocks separating you from your highest self. Ultimately, this deep, immersive, ultra-custom approach to change will help you transcend your current reality and uplevel your whole life.

Carrie will open your eyes to the life that is possible for you.

I found Carrie at a time in my life when I was struggling with the question, “what comes next?” I was 42, newly single, and in the midst of a career transition. I had silenced my inner-voice because I no longer trusted myself. I was lost.

Today, I am able to hear what is in my heart and I have found fulfillment from within. My life is brimming with passion and creativity. I have deeper, more authentic relationships because I’ve gained the confidence to truly be seen without the mask of perfection. 

I am honored to recommend Carrie to anyone asking the question, “What comes next?”. If you’re ready, she will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will open your eyes to the life that is possible for you.


Work with Carrie and you’ll find yourself creating the life you’ve always desired.

Carrie raises the bar for other life coaches. She is a professional who embodies authenticity, integrity, spirit and unconditional love. Her coaching services are humbly, yet masterfully offered within a sacred space co-created with you and for you. 

Should you make the invaluable decision to partner with Carrie as your coach, you’ll find yourself enjoying an experience full of self-discovery, empowerment, excitement and growth. You’ll find you’re creating the life you’ve always desired.


Limitless Mastery includes:

Private Personalized Support: Hands-on, highly, personalized support directly from Carrie on literally anything you need to break through blocks and see results.. 100% tailored to your unique challenges & goals.

Weekly Master Coaching Sessions: 60 minute sessions to break through blocks, create an actionable road-map, and start creating your dream life fast.

Access to My Entire Product Suite: As a 1:1 Coaching Client, you get it all— access to my courses, templates, resources and vault of Coaching Call Q&As. Whatever your challenge, I have a tool or resource that can help.


Drop in to the Weekly Self-Mastery Program Calls: Get the benefits of the program experience while you enjoy the customization of 1:1. You’re invited to  soak up the *mindblown*-moments in the company of the carefully curated group of individuals inside Self-Mastery™.

Ready to start your transformation today?

On this call, I’ll help you identify the true source of your stuckness & give you a roadmap for how to move forward. Whether we end up working together or not, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the real reasons you’re not where you want to be and how to get there, fast.

“Working with Carrie you’ll get life-changing benefits immediately and for years to come

“Carrie helped me to see past what was standing in my way so I could achieve my dreams”

Looking for a charismatic speaker with a disruptive approach to change?

On stage, Carrie brings a dynamic combination of masterful coaching, approachable spirituality and hilariously poignant personal experiences.

Through years of both personal and professional growth, she has established herself as a renowned and sought-after coach—a go-to for people seeking the real deal. 

Carrie’s intuitive approach to the human spirit and the strength required to change sets her apart in an industry that’s been dominated by band-aid solutions that fail to go deep enough.

Renowned for her transformational programs and disruptive approach to traditional life coaching, Carrie is an energetic thought-leader and passionate advocate for the endless possibilities of lives lived with meaning and purpose.

For media inquiries, speaking engagements, and partnership requests, please submit your information below.

Carrie standing in gold dress facing window smiling

You’ve made it this far…

Will you take the most important step?

On this call, I’ll help you identify the true source of your stuckness & give you a roadmap for how to move forward. Whether we end up working together or not, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the real reasons you’re not where you want to be and how to get there, fast.

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5 Bold Steps to Your Dream Career

You’ll learn how to stop limiting the opportunities that are open to you and
take decisive action that’s aligned with the life you want.

Take these 5 bold (and unexpected) steps to:


Identify what’s keeping you stuck


Explore why change feels hard, and


Get crystal clear on what you can do today to land your dream career faster than you think possible