What to Do with Anger

Have you ever noticed how much being angry and resentful at a person or situation really dominates you? I actually was so drawn to that word that I looked it up: Dominate: to rule over, govern, control. Once you feel these emotions welling up, you begin to identify with the situation and start to literally […]


You are a Powerful Creator

Has anyone ever told you that you are powerful? Has anyone ever told you that you are actually more powerful than you could ever imagine? Has anyone ever told you how incredibly masterful you have the capability to be? Has anyone ever told you that you are the biggest factor in creating your world? Well, […]



Do you ever come across a song or piece of writing that leaves you feeling like you connected with something inside yourself? After the experience, you feel more solid, more grounded, loving, free and capable?



A friend of mine told me this week that her fears were just these skinny little things that were looking for a good meal. Wow. How very true.


Getting Un-Stuck

I read something recently that struck me…”It’s not that we fear the unknown. You cannot fear something you do not know. Nobody is afraid of the unknown. What you really fear is the loss of the known. That’s what you fear.”-Anthony De Mello.


Your natural state is joy

Your natural state is joy. I had that quote on my fridge for years. And every time I would pass it by, I would feel a moment of awareness, of seeing something with which an inner place inside me resonates as truth, and then it would pass and the moment was gone when my glance shifted to the next object, the next thought.