Want a career that’s aligned with your purpose…

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Take these 5 bold (and unexpected) steps to:


Identify what’s keeping you stuck


Explore why change feels hard, and


Get crystal clear on what you can do today to land your dream career faster than you think possible

When you find yourself at a career crossroads, it’s easy to feel anxious, confused and overwhelmed. 

You’re operating under years of programming about what’s possible, which opportunities are open to you and “the way things have to be”…

But there is a quick shortcut you can take to stop spinning your wheels and actually get where you want to go. 

Whether you’re hoping to negotiate a massive raise, make a big leap from one field to another, or finally start the business of your dreams…

You CAN take action today that will make it dramatically easier for you to reach your career goals—without rewriting your resumé 100 times or splashing out on professional photos. 

This free guide, 5 Bold Steps to Your Dream Career,
will walk you through a simple, proven process to figure out exactly
what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Inside this small-but-mighty resource, you’ll learn:


Where you should really start if you want to make a major leap in your career


The #1 misconception about what it really takes to change, and


What you can DO today to bring your career dreams to life, fast

Plus, get clear on exactly which behaviors you’ll need to leave behind to step into the future you envision for yourself. 

The best part?

This powerful guide is 100% free. 

 5 Bold Steps to Your Dream Career,

Learn how to stop limiting the opportunities that are open to you and take decisive action that’s aligned with the life you want. 

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Carrie Bowman is a Master Coach & trained therapist with over 20 years of experience helping purpose-seeking individuals find clarity & purpose. With hundreds of satisfied clients, Carrie has demonstrated again and again that accelerated and sustainable change can be a long-term reality for anyone seeking to create a life they love. 

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