Bethany Benjamin


Bethany Benjamin“I’m now halfway through Carrie’s Signature Self-Mastery Program and my life is starting to feel very different. Carrie is very intuitive and so is her program. She is an exceptional listener and teacher, she is not afraid to meet you where you are, cry with you and laugh out loud too. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She was able to see right through the self-made and defeating story of my life that kept me safe, stuck and falling short over and over again. Carrie helped me see differently, understand that I have choices, open my heart to different and more empowering perspectives that will help shape my future actions.

You have to be brave and daring to enter Carrie’s program. You will go deep, feel and explore, you will get to know yourself again, travel through your past and see it anew in the present. Thoughts or triggers that made you feel emotional might no longer hold the same power. Present might be peaceful and safe for the first time in a while. Action steps and choices might feel easier and more in line with your truth, your talents and your heart’s desires. Everything might start falling more “in line” and feel better, easier somehow.

Carrie’s Self-Mastery program – Just go ahead and do it! Trust me. Carrie’s program is not only super comprehensive but it’s the closest to the real life “experience” there is– I am actually doing it, feeling and living change not just reading about it.”