Jerame Maes


“Working with Carrie has been such a pleasure. From the moment we first talked I felt a remarkable connection with her. She maintains a connected presence during the sessions, both individual and group calls and seems so clear about where I am and knows when I need a push, or when she simply needs to listen and simply be there. The Self Mastery program is well thought out, clear and digestible; the work is not easy, but the program is simple to follow.

When I reached out to Carrie, I was stuck in a spot where I was longing for fast answers. I was constantly overwhelmed in my day to day. I thought I was looking for a coach who would feed me the advice toward those answers. Yet, what I found was a coach who took a deeper approach to gently guide me in discovering the deeper mechanisms which contributed to the anxiety and overwhelm. The Self Mastery program was exactly what I was searching for-deep and genuine growth. Self-awareness and new, more adaptive skills and tools are a large part of Carrie’s program and through developing these practices I now have a stronger tendency to slow down and observe the anxiety in a way that allows me to work with it instead of fighting against it. This is a huge shift for me and I am so grateful to Carrie for helping make that possible.”