Kelly Vivian


“The Self-Mastery program has helped me in incredible ways and faster than I had even imagined. I had always felt misunderstood and, after speaking with Carrie the first time, finally felt I had found someone who understood my struggles. I left our first call with a clear vision of where I wanted to be, and she expertly provided the strategic path to get me there.

I refer to the materials, calls, and countless coaching hours often, as life is always full of peaks and valleys! I find this work evolves as I evolve and has the power to help me in a multitude of life situations. More than even this toolkit, the program gave me a deeper understanding of myself and why I reacted to certain people and situations in different ways. I feel more alive, confident, and able to communicate and relate with others as I never could before. I feel fundamentally different in my life and forever grateful.”