Lauren Ince


Lauren Ince“I worked with Carrie for about a half of a year starting in November 2019, and am still going strong! Real changes! Back then I was in a very dark place. I felt so lost and just totally consumed by all the wrong things in my life. In the past, I went to psychologists, read books, etc. and I wasn’t getting anywhere. After reading into what a life coach is, I decided to seek one out. While searching online I stumbled upon Carrie, and based off her reviews, I decided to reach out.

This truly was a life changing decision for me. Since then, I am happy and living the best life I can. I am also in recovery for alcoholism, and I can honestly say Carrie lead me into that direction. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know where I would be. Carrie is so easy to talk to and puts things in a way that just makes sense. With her help, I see life in a completely different way. I live more transparent and am more self aware. Best of all, I am sober today, going on 2.5 years. I could write a novel on why I recommend Carrie and her work. Simply put, if you feel stuck in life, unmotivated, feel you aren’t living with purpose, give Carrie a call. Based off of my incredible experience, it may be one of the best life decisions you ever make.”