Mary Ann O’Reilly


At a time when I needed perspective on a big life/career transition and was dealing with uncertainty and self-doubt, Carrie came into my life. Our work together provided me a very timely safe space to explore the genesis of some of my very counter-productive mind chatter and beliefs. I was stuck in a negative mindset and could not get out no matter how many things I tried. Nothing worked.

The Self-Mastery modules, Master coaching calls, and the wealth of new skills and tools given that formed the cornerstone of Carrie’s approach were absolutely 100% relatable and left me with a playbook of solutions to apply to many future challenges both professionally and personally. I refer back to the materials and calls often and find them very affirming. Each day in the program was a new experience and I continue to learn as I move forward on the actionable path Carrie and I created. But more importantly, Carrie is the REAL DEAL. She speaks from a place of absolute truth, has lived a life of zero BS and has an unbelievably generous heart. Time spent with Carrie will reap huge lifelong benefits. I’m so grateful for her coaching.”