Mike Lutito


Mike LutitoI reached out to Carrie after noticing relationship themes at work and in my life that were repeating themselves. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Carrie, but had a strong sense of wanting to move beyond the patterns I seemed to be stuck in.
Throughout the Self-Mastery program, Carrie provided invaluable information into how the brain/mind works and can impact our success, how we feel and the choices we make. Carrie has a unique gift in that she delivers direct feedback yet is beside you along the journey.
I highly recommend Carrie and the Self-Mastery Program as her approach is to meet you where you are and provide tools and information to get un-stuck, remove friction and experience life versus avoiding those things that may bring pain. Carrie reminded me many times, “change is experiential, not intellectual”. I’m introverted and would rather read a book to figure out how to make positive changes. Carrie’s approach was very comfortable, and I truly enjoyed the process and the mix of group discussions and one-on-one coaching.