You are a Powerful Creator


Has anyone ever told you that you are powerful? Has anyone ever told you that you are actually more powerful than you could ever imagine? Has anyone ever told you how incredibly masterful you have the capability to be? Has anyone ever told you that you are the biggest factor in creating your world?

Well, I’m telling you.
You are a Powerful Creator
You don’t believe that do you?

And that’s the reason why, presently, you are blocked from that power, from that masterful demonstration of creating, actually, literally, creating a life that is abundant, that is joyful, that is purposeful, a life in which you are exhilarated to participate.

Now, before you agree or disagree with this, I ask you to try it. I ask you to have an experience, a real-life experience with trying something different and see the results. That’s what this is all about, right? Results. So why are you getting the results you are getting now and how can you different ones?

Right now, you have an opinion. I am asking you to have an experience and then decide.

Stop for a moment.

What are you thinking? Pinpoint exactly what you are thinking. If that is difficult, try to get an idea of the type of thoughts you have been having today. What do they entail? What is their emotional content? What is the dialogue, their commentary? What are they saying? And watch this now……what are you creating with those thoughts? What are those thoughts expressing in your environment? Because please do not be mistaken; you are creating as you go.

Now I want you to look at the relationship between the types of thoughts you have been having today and your day. What types of conversations have you had? What has been your experience driving around today? What has it been like this morning or afternoon at home? Do you feel happy? Tired? Lethargic? Angry? Bored? Resentful? Joyful? I want you to look now at what you have been feeling (the above instruction was looking at what you were thinking and thinking and feeling are interwoven but distinctly different).

Now, just taking one day is small-scale, but I believe this is how we start to grasp a law of Being-ness, so to speak, or a Universal Law, of how things work between our thinking and our external environment. Once you get a handle and can see the chemistry between these things, you can take it to a greater level, to your work, your relationships, your aspirations, your desires, and ultimate goals.

All morning, you have been creating everything you experience by your thinking. Again, I am going to ask you to try something different, so I implore you to try and have an experience before disregarding with an opinion. The type of thinking (we will keep it simple here, so just say negative and positive) is dictating and creating the types of experiences you are having. This is basic quantum mechanics building blocks and some of the most powerful tools I teach my clients (because we all have access to the same tools, the same truth, and the same joy and freedom). What you direct your attention towards and to what you devote your consciousness will determine how you create the experiences you will have.

So, my dears…on what are you focusing? Because what you are focusing on will cause the thoughts to come (positive/negative) and the thoughts are the building blocks of your experiences. So, what in the world are you watching, observing? Ask yourself this, please! What is your consciousness doing, because the choice is all yours. Just like when you go to the grocery store and pick out ingredients for a meal, so too do you pick out what you will focus on, what thoughts will result from this, and what experiences you will have.

You are a creator.

The most powerful creator of your own experience.

So, for any all of you excited about this, maybe a little angry because you’re just hearing this now, frightened, whatever, but that are willing to try something different for 24 hours, I ask you to do a Life Experiment. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain-literally a brand new life.

Starting the moment you make the commitment, because that’s what this is, a commitment that involves attention and discipline for 24 hours (which is really just about 16 because you get sleep J) to decide upon those things you will focus. I suggest focusing on positive, life-affirming things. Focus on what is working in your life, what brings you happiness, what makes you feel “good.” When you start searching out this focus, you will quickly come to see that there are many things that are in these categories. Even individuals who are really struggling with life, suffering from depression, heath problems, etc. can find a few things that are still “working” in their life on which they can focus and by focusing create more of these positive things and experiences.

Now, it is very normal and very human, to run into snags, to feel irritation, displeasure, discomfort throughout your day and turn towards negative, limited thinking. When this happens, I encourage you to be as aware as possible, and notice when your mind makes that turn. The way you know? By the way you are feeling.

When you start to feel something negative, immediately go to your thinking. What are you thinking? Almost invariably, your thinking has turned and you are in a negative spiral, and your feeling mirrors that. So, what to do? Substitute your thinking with a different object, subject, or theme. Basically, think about something else. I have found it helpful to choose one thing that I continually substitute that I feel happy about, secure in, etc. that brings me feelings that are of a higher consciousness (i.e., more joy and peace), instead of trying to always come up with something new, but absolutely do whatever works. That is always the ultimate test in the Life Experiments. Is it working?

Throughout the day tomorrow, stay alert and aware of YOU. Remain on watch for what is going on inside yourself. Remain the observer of yourself throughout the day, and as your Life Experiment begins to unfold, start to notice the connections, what is happening, what might possibly be linked, what is causal, what is causing the creations you are witnessing? Do you start to feel the smallest sense that it is all connected and the common denominator in this is you? Do you also begin to sense that the common denominator, being you, has a million choices and although choice brings responsibility it also brings the choices of abundance, fulfillment, and peace?

Responsibility can cause us to feel fear, dread, or uncertainty as it seems so huge, so daunting to think we might have a hand in what is unfolding but try to hold fast to the truth that responsibility in the choices you are making tomorrow is the ultimate gift of free will.

You have been given a divine gift. You have been given the birthright of consciousness and the glorious free will of what you allow into it. There is no responsibility greater or more important. Nothing can come into your focus or awareness other than what you allow and you choose every single time. So, throughout your day, be gentle with yourself when you get angry or impatient or frightened. Becoming aware of our consciousness is a messy but wonderful thing and takes day after day after day of practice. Years, truly. Decades. Bring to the table curiosity and an open mind, the anticipation of a child. There is no way to lose in this Experiment other than to not try.

If you go to sleep after trying with a slight notion of something more to how your mind is working, than dance and play, for you are on your way. I find awareness to be intoxicating and most people, once they have a bit, want more. So, go get a bit of awareness.

I bet you’ll want more, too.